Storm Shelter

In the event of severe weather (tornado), Pine Grove Church will open as a storm shelter as we deem the threat to be imminent and will close when we deem the threat to be passed.

You may monitor the status of the shelter via Home page.

The entrance to the shelter will be through the door in the lower parking lot.

Registration will be required once you arrive. (ID may be requested)

The following rules are effective immediately and will be enforced.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


Pine Grove Church Storm Shelter Rules

• All occupants shall obey the site coordinator’s instructions while inside the shelter.

• Anyone not complying with these guidelines may be expelled or arrested.

• Each person in the shelter is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere, or cause problems, for the other occupants.

• Children must be kept under control by a parent or guardian.

• No Pets, as per FEMA guidelines, except certified service animals - Please bring appropriate certifications.

• Noise should be kept to a minimum so that weather updates can be heard.

• All music and entertainment devices must be used with headphones.

• Only one small bag per person (subject to search).

• Occupants must remain inside the shelter until an “all clear” is given by the site coordinator.

• No Weapons • No Smoking • No Alcohol • No Profanity    • No Illegal Drugs

• No moving of furniture or furnishings.

• If you have trash, please place it in the trash cans.


Adopted by Pine Grove Church Administrative Council, August 2017