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Our Vision: To help all people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Worship Celebration starts at 5:00pm in the Chapel

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We all know the impact abortion has on unborn babies. However, the effect on the mother can be devastating. These women often leave the clinic and spend the rest of their lives in bondage.  Surrendering the Secret's mission is to set these women free and help them see the truth from the lies.  What a blessing it has been to see the women who have gone through this study be set free from shame and guilt and have joy and peace, some for the first time in decades.

If you have had an abortion in the past and would like to join the next study or just talk privately with Linda, you can contact her at 334-703-2194 OR by email at safeplace4you@gmail.com (ALL CONTACT IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL).

Don't let another day go by, experience the freedom and peace you have so deeply desired!

Please contact Linda, you can contact her at 334-703-2194 OR by email at safeplace4you@gmail.com (ALL CONTACT IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL).

Pastor Steve Scoggins wrote:
As a pastor I was so appreciative of the impact "Surrendering the Secret" had on the lives of women in our church. We evangelical churches have been faithful to stand against abortion through the years but have had little to say to the women who made this choice and then felt the negative impact on their lives for years to come. The good news is that God can heal a woman who is bearing the scars of a past abortion. Surrendering the Secret is a Biblical and grace filled instrument that God is using to bring this healing to more women than you could ever imagine are sitting in our pews!

Another  pastor wrote:
“Post abortion ministry came into our church several years ago through a woman who had been healed of an abortion, and whom the opportunity was given to offer this ministry to the women in our church. Over the past several years more than 25 women have gone through “Surrendering the Secret” which is offered twice a year on our church campus. I am now, more than ever, aware that the sheer numbers of abortions that have taken place in our country mean that it is unlikely that any congregation, including ours, remains untouched. Sadly, I have also become aware of how abortion affects the lives of those (men and women) that have survived it and how many of them are filling our pews on Saturday night and Sunday mornings, suffering in silence under a shroud of guilt and shame. Many pastors, including myself, see the high divorce rate, the troubled marriages, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviors plaguing our church family, and are now witness to the deeper issue that often lies at the root of these problems: the life-altering wound left in the wake of an unresolved abortion experience. We are very thankful for “Surrendering the Secret”, through this study we have established ourselves as a safe place in which those that have been wounded by an abortion may find love, acceptance, hope and healing in Jesus Christ."
Rick Countryman, Sr. Pastor of Big Valley Grace Community Church    Modesto, CA

For more information:

Watch the video, "The Apology": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUw6K6T5WTw&sns=em

Check out information about Surrendering the Secret at: http://surrenderingthesecret.com/


More information at: http://www.fbcopelika.com/ministries/womens-home/surrendering-the-secret/




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